Akshat Mahajan


Infrastructure Engineer

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I handle the orchestration, configuration, networking, transparency, reliability and development of distributed systems. Here’s my resume.

I like thinking about how low-level systems work (network protocols, ARP caches, eBPF, sysfs, ebtables, the use of Galois theory in RAID6 architecture); how high-level replication/consensus protocols work (Paxos, ZAB, Raft, 2PC); the history and theory of software engineering; and formal verification methods like TLA+.

My long-term career ambitions are to help design the next generation of distributed tooling (e.g. writing service meshes, L4 load balancers, distributed key-value stores, and orchestration software).

In my spare time, I play chess, read literature, do improv, learn Mandarin, and frequent museums as well as classical music concerts.

I was originally trained as a physicist. I worked in a lot of labs as an undergraduate, mostly modeling climate change and Earth’s radiation belts. I planned to work in condensed matter before realising I liked CS more. You can read about some of my experiences with academia and research physics on Quora.